Bring back the Lottery!

The only way to fix the system is to take the “career” out of “career politicians.” When a term is over, then the next official should be choose from the prior years tax returns:

“Hi there… Joe Smith. Starting Jan 3rd, 20xx you’ll be the Representative/Congressman of your area in the US Government. Your term will be for one year with a possibility of extension for a second term, should your Constituency Rating be above 95%.”

During your term:

a) You will receive a salary of $52,000. This will be tax-free and will be paid weekly.

b) All of your current household bills will be paid by your state, during the term of your service.

c) You will be welcome to relocate into the Representative/Congressional house reserved for you. Meals and Services will be provided for you and your family during your stay.

d) You will receive off all federal and (your) state holidays. and will have 4 weeks paid vacation time.

e) During your term, your medical insurance will be compliments of the US Government.

f) Your current job will be held for you per your return post-term.

During your term you will be expected to:

a) Work an 10 hour day, with a 1 hour lunch.

b) Work a 5-day week, extended to 5.5 if needed to complete the weeks projects and proposals.

c) Work 48 weeks of your year’s term. This will include travel time.

d) Attend 12 monthly “Ethics” seminars

e) Attend weekly “Constituency” On-Line town hall meetings, to be followed by review and rating.

f) Be expected to utilize the “Advisory Board” for questions concerning decisions during your term. You will be give full access to any experts and regional polls you require to make well-thought out decisions that represent the wishes of your Constituency.

At the successful completion of your term of service:

a) You will exempt from future “service” requirements, with the exception of Presidential Appointment. You will become eligible for Presidential Appointment providing you maintained an average Constituency Rating of 90% or above.

b) You will receive a completion bonus of $52,000, provided your Constituency Rating remained at an average of 80% or better.

c) You will continue to receive complimentary Federal Medical Insurance for you and your immediate family for life.

d) You may attended any collage at no charge as long as you maintain a 3.0 average with a registered Major. Masters and PH’D programs are included.

Please report to your state capital on November 1st, 20xx, for a two weeks competency evaluation and familiarization seminar. This will be time paid at your Terms rate.

Congratulations on your impending Federal Service.


The People of the United States of America”

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