Venting a bit about gaming…

Well… I’m a little put out again about my old friend, the hobby of role-playing games, and the absolute inability to get involved in the hobby regularly no matter how much I try.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s just me or not. I mean, is it too much to ask for everyone to make a little bit of commitment to things?

Case in point, After leaving a pretty regular game because of disinterest with several games (I despise “rail-road” campaigns, and not to much of the “silly” game fan either). in a row and a small conflict of character with two “try-out-players-who-became-integral-when-I-blinked…” I decided to make new attempt at a regular game, with a lot of the long-time players of our original core group that have been left out things for far too long.

Now, I’m trying to be flexible with it. While initially building a campaign of a sorts, I decided to try a rules-lite, casual game first. One time a week or so, everyone playing compare schedule with mine and pick a day we can do it each week. too easy, right? Now, admitting that I *am* the GM, so if I’m not available that kinda of makes getting together for MY game a bit impossible. I find it staggeringly hard to believe that a group of five people can’t manage to get together for five hours once a week?

I see people do it all the time…. for gaming, for socializing, for sports… different ages, different careers paths, jobs, kids, parents. People seem to do it all them time.  My mate says that “Its a different environment these days.” Well, I’ll call “bullshit.” People are still getting together all the time. I’m on a dozen blogs that friends are on and they all manage to get together once a week or so for Gaming Night. Sure they have to cancel it every now and again, sure, sometimes someone can’t make it because of LIFE, but for the most part, it’s pretty regular. And I’m not talking a bunch of school kids… there are people in their 30s and 40s, adults with mortgages and rent and bills and kids… and they still manage to do it?

We (meaning most of my long-time friends) did it not long ago… everyone managed to commit. But now, no one seems to try too hard.

So my question is why the fuck can’t we? Is it a lack of interest… a lack of commitment. Are we so job scared these days we’re afraid to ask for a night off, or shuffle around a schedule with someone we work with? That we can’t make a decision to so “Grans, these are my kids… if you want them when YOU want them, you’ll need to also help out when I need some time.” Did we just lose our backbones about saying “I’m going to do this this night!” Did we just stop caring.

Now I’ll begrudgingly admit to being a bit more commited to the idea of a “Gaming Night” than a lot of people. It’s pretty much what I do….  I live in a city where the main pastimes are:

1) Drinking (Expensive, and I can’t do it anymore)
2) Music/Dancing (not a big dancing guy, and most of the bands are… well… crap, bluegrass, or crappy bluegrass)
3) Sports/Sports Bars (Can’t stand organized sports, or loud obnoxious man-boys)
4) Hiking/Outdoorsmanship (Ooo… there’s a tree, there’s another tree, oh look… another tree, oooo look Bambi’s mom… BANG!)
5) Getting-Out-Of-Town (Not a lot of cash to do it regularly).

So for me, Gaming and TV are pretty much it. I used to have smoking as well, but I quit so I wouldn’t have health problems… then I had health problems.

And I admit to handicapping myself a bit as far as groups go. I’m not big on suffering through something I’m not liking so I tend to drop out, usually with the caveat of “I still want to be part of the group, let me know when the next game starts… which never happens due to the “out of sight, out of mind” factor. (I usually hear about things third person at that point. “Hey, they stopped gaming on Wednesday nights about three months ago.” or ‘Oh that, no we finished that up, we’re halfway through this now, why?”). And out of the three gaming stores in the area, I will never darken the door of one (long, long, long fucking story), the second it pretty much war-game-centric, and the third no one usually likes to play out due to the level of card games held there. (How I miss TS&TG where there were people I actually liked to be around.) And I admit to being a bit funny about going over to a strangers house the first few times.

So… Do I just need to walk away from the hobby, or just stop trying to work with this specific group of people? Do I need to start skyping with groups far-and-away just to do something I love regularly, or just find a bunch of collage and high-school kids to game with? Do I need to just suck it up when personal conflicts come into play or just plod through lack-luster gaming just for the hopes that eventually we’ll get around to something that’ll hold my interest?

Lets go to our phone poll and see how the folks in radioland come down on this one…

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